Have you, or a loved one, sustained an injury at a WalMart store anywhere in the country? Was the accident caused by unsafe walking conditions such as wet floors, unsecured carpeting, unsafe rugs or debris in the aisle or parking lot? Did you injury occur in the parking lot and there was ice and snow that was not properly removed? If you suffered an injury due to a slip, trip and fall accident while at a WalMart you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation. WalMart is one of the biggest companies in the world and it is by far the biggest employer in the United States. Many accident victims think there is no way to fight a humongous company such as WalMart. That is not at all the case. It is a wise move for you to speak with an experienced personal injury who has experience taking on corporate giants such as WalMart and Sam’s Club.

Contact one of our skilled injury lawyers handling WalMart slip, trip and fall claims. With many years experience our accident lawyers have the skills and resources to get you the full amount of benefits and compensation you deserve. Serving WalMart injury victims all over the United States including the West, the Midwest, the Southeast, the Southwest, the Midatlantic and the Northeast.

WalMart Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents

There are many different ways one can be injured on someone else’s property, including a WalMart or Sam’s Club. These types of accidents are typically referred to as premises liability accidents. A very common premises liability accident is a slip, trip and fall. These accidents can lead to very serious and severe injuries.

Premies liability accidents can happen anywhere. A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere as well. They can occur indoors, outdoors, on public property and on private property. WalMart slip and fall accidents can also result in very serious injuries such as:

Broken bones including arms, wrists, shoulders and knees.

Head injuries including concussions, open and closed head injuries.

Neck injuries such as C-Spine injuries, sprains and whiplash.

Back injuries including disc injuries, lower back strains and upper back strains.

Joint injuries involving fractures, ligament and tendon injuries.

Skilled WalMart Slip And Fall Accident Representation

Many WalMart cases are settled out of court. The negotiations take place between your injury lawyer and WalMart’s insurance carrier(s). However, in the event that your case cannot be settled out WalMart injury attorneys are more than willing to take your case to the trial phase if necessary. They will work to negotiate a favorable settlement for you that takes into account all possible sources of compensation including, but not limited to:

Lost wage compensation (current and future)

Medical benefits (current and future)

Medication benefits (current and future)

Pain and suffering compensation (if applicable)

Funeral or death benefits (if applicable)

Contact A WalMart Injury Attorney

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