houston texas walmart accident lawyersThe Houston, Texas area is riddled with Wal-Mart stores. Each ranges in size from just under 100,000 to 261,000 square feet. In this space are employees working long hours, frazzled parents dragging children through the aisles and merchandise stacked and stocked in every direction. Within that chaos is the huge potential for personal injury. If you have been injured in a Houston, TX WalMart you need to call our Houston Texas WalMart accident lawyers immediately. They proudly serve all of Texas including Beaumont, Killeen, Denton, San Marcos, Texas City and Sugar Land.

Slip and Falls in Wal-Mart

WalMart deals with dozens of spills in a typical day. Most are small amounts of liquid like juice or formula milk from children with sippy cups, or larger spills from cans or cups that adults balance in their cart while walking. Other spills come from damaged or fallen food or general merchandise. Sometimes the messes are cleaned up immediately, most times they go un-noticed or ignored.

If you slip and fall in a Houston WalMart it is important to think proactively. Take pictures of the scene and go to an emergency room to get evaluated. This leaves a trail of evidence that might help in a personal injury case. Then contact our Houston, Texas WalMart slip and fall lawyers. We will provide you with a free consultation to discuss your options.

Proving Slip and Fall Cases In Texas

Texas law places the burden of proof on the victim of a slip and fall case. In Walmart this means that you will have to prove that somebody working under Walmart’s name knew about the mess and didn’t act or failed to inspect the area often enough to discover the spill. Surveillance footage of that particular aisle of the store can prove invaluable, as it would show how long the mess had been there and whether a worker or store manager had seen it before you fell. Our Houston, Texas WalMart accident lawyers can secure video surveillance that could prove negligence and ensure maximum compensation for your injury.

Other Houston Texas WalMart Accidents

Falling Objects: This is a result of the setup of most WalMart stores. Shelves are often eight to ten feet high in some parts of the store. The first six feet are used for active merchandise, which can fall if improperly placed. Pallets and boxes of extra merchandise is stored above on industrial shelving. Fallen merchandise can lead to head injuries, broken bones or even death.

Employee Negligence: This can be anything from tripping on a box that a stocker left in the aisle or getting hit with a shopping cart that a Wal-Mart employee failed to collect and place in the cart corral.

Restroom Accidents: These can result in serious injuries and can be caused by wet floors, leaking pipes and roofs and assaults.

If you have been injured at a Houston TX Walmart and think you may have a personal injury case, give our experienced Houston Texas WalMart accident lawyers a call. Don’t let WalMart’s status as a corporate giant scare you into submission. Our Houston, TX WalMart injury lawyers¬†will fight to get you the maximum compensation allowable and we charge no fees unless you win your case.

Let Our Houston Texas WalMart Accident Lawyers Help You

Please contact our Houston, Texas WalMart accident lawyers to discuss your case. With many years experience handling slip and fall cases in Houston and all of Harris County, Texas you can be sure they will obtain the best possible outcome for you. They offer free case analysis’ and charge no fee unless they recover for you.