Every California slip and fall lawyer handling WalMart injury claims knows that injuries resulting from a slip and fall are common. Slip and fall accidents at Wal-Mart stores can result in broken bones, torn or sprained ligaments and muscles, and even death. Wet floors, slippery aisles at grocery stores, broken sidewalks, unmarked trip hazards, and unlit stairwells or stairs with no railings are but some of the causes of a trip and fall. If you have suffered an injury at a Glendale, CA WalMart let our Glendale CA WalMart accident lawyers help. Serving the entire state of California and offering free consults. In addition, our Glendale CA WalMart accident lawyers charge no fees unless they recover on your behalf.

California personal injury laws categorizes these kinds of cases as “premises liability.” The term “premises liability” refers to the responsibility that a property owner has to either correct known defects or dangers on the property, or for businesses, actually inspect the property to make sure that customers are not hurt by dangerous conditions.

As experienced California Trial Lawyers lawyers, our Glendale CA WalMart accident lawyers will investigate whether the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition, what steps the owner took to inspect the property for dangers, and whether similar injuries have occurred on the property. They will be honest with you, and, if necessary, aggressively pursue your claim.

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